Kick Back And Watch The World Burn

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Alan Averill - singer of the mighty Primordial guests on the podcast this week, and in our interview we should have been talking about their new live record Gods for the Godless, but instead (luckily for all of us) we go down a political rabbit hole.
I know, politics, we are all tired of it right now, but Alan is wide open about his thoughts on the current state of affairs on the world stage, where the unrest stems from, how more people need to keep their opinions to themselves, where we as a society are headed and what he sees on the horizon not only for America but also the EU.
He takes us into his reality on the road and meeting people who may not have explored things as much as a traveling musician that try to talk about the ‘state of metal’ and put them in their place. We do mention the new album, but as he says “If you don’t like who cares, kick back and watch the world burn.”

More Alan Averill:
This is really the Soma society Huxley predicted in ‘Brave new world’, that self righteous high you get from flinging your opinion at the world is addictive, it takes a step back to realise we are little more than apes in a zoo flinging shit at the bars.


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