Hank 3

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3 shades of black
Is where I come from
Depression, Misery and Hellacious fun
No we're not the kind
To turn our backs and run
coz 3 shades of black is where we come from

We are a certain breed
and we dont like you
Some are junkies
Some are freaks
and others are everyday ghouls
No one will ever know what we've been through
and we are proud
In the light of the moon

3 shades of black
We all like metal and Whiskey
Livin' Hard and chasin' down Hell
We'll never give up on what we have
Because the darkness gives us our thrills

3 shades of black
Is where I come from
I was born in the sacrafice
When I was young
3 shades of black
Is what makes us strong
and we all wear it like a uniform of chosen ones

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