Gathundar vs Vakthundar

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Morality patrol

First amendment she's coming down - First amendment she's coming down


Agents of morality clean America for you and me

Fundamentalist authorities judging dirt from clean

Cloaked in a flag and bible disguise

gonna clean our ears and eyes

Better not speak up

Don't you realize it's in God we trust?


Freedom take cover they're gunning for you

The decency police

Extend their reach with know-all speech

The decency police

Watching out for us, who needs freedom when you have them?


From the 700 Club to Capitol Hill

imposed agenda to instill

Mad with their self-righteous lies to clean our ears and our eyes

Little do they know we're catching on to them

Clock will strike 11

Voters wake up rid us of them

They got a brand new bible waiting for you

Yes they do

They are gonna change everything you say and do

The decency police they know what's right

Freedom of choice they aim to fight

You better wake up

You better close down

Before it gets too late








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