Here's some jaws that want it's meat

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Sorry to burst your fucking Bubble
You had your Peace
Now it's Time to set things straight
 So you thought you knew me
I thought I knew Myself to
Bet you had me written off, an able Gun but with Bullets lost
Sleeping Dogs be left asleep
But here's some Jaws that want it's Meat

Cutting Teeth
After all we're just cutting Teeth
Cutting Teeth, Watch me now, Cutting Teeth

I've fucking had it with lying in Wait
I'm fucking through with only biding my Time.
I don't need you to understand
I'm just here to claim what's mine.
Take a look at these bloodied Hands with wear from toil
Lions to Lambs
Brush the Dirt from six feet below
So, can you feel me

Burning your Words
To ashes in your Mouth
Standing tall
Never forget who you are
Cutting Teeth
Bite the Hand that feeds you
Cutting Teeth
Bite the Hand that frees you

So here we are
At the steps of your last Breath
Hear me now to my Commandment
It's starting to show now how I transform your World
You can't deny it, I'm taking over
I'm taking over








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